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Andrews Tea Breaker



Different-sized particles can be seen in the tea that is produced when green leaves are turned into black tea or put into tea. Many of them do not cover marketable sizes when they are not in bulk. After sorting, those need to be broken up and then resorted. Therefore, Andrews Tea Breaker is required for breaking these bulks.

Andrews Tea Breaker


A “Good Breaker” is a breaker that does not degrade the quality of tea, stretches the surface of the particles, and can be modified instantaneously depending on the desired outcome.These characteristics are present in “ESAL” Andrews Tea Breaker.


The tea is not crushed; instead, it travels through a small opening and is pressed, shattering any tea lumps that may have formed as a result of pressure. Teas do not therefore GREY. A lever is supplied so that rollers can be changed while the machine is operating to achieve the desired output.

Conveyor Drive Provision

For best outcomes, feeding should be constant and continuous. Feeding by hand is seldom effective. The machine comes with a conveyor drive roller that is powered by the machine’s motor, making it practical and affordable. Just a cotton conveyor belt and an idler roller are required.

Important Details

  • The teas are not rubbed or crushed. As a result, the bloom is unaffected.
  • The teas don’t “GREY” from it.
  • The range of the operating lever for roller adjustments is extensive.
  • The machine’s rollers can be changed even while it’s operating.
  • Because the machine comes with a feed conveyor, a separate drive is not necessary.

Technical Data


3 H.P. or 2.2 KW.


120 for Drive Conveyor.


60 for Rollers.


400 kgs. / hr.

Floor Area

1100mm. X 1100mm.



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