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CTC Machine

Maintaining the momentum of positive growth among all the brands, Esal with more popularity announces the inclusion of another product to our portfolio.

After a great successful story of Samurai CTC machine, Esal announces the new highly engineered dynamic version of the CTC machines as “Esal” with the confidence that the same will be received & appreciated by our valued customers as enthusiastically as before.

Esal believes that growth and expansion are hinged upon by giving customers a hassle-free product and after-sales service.

CTC Machine

Heavy & Robust Construction

Graded vertically casting used for pedestals dully reenforced for higher rigidity & construction for vibration free performance.

Interchangeability Low Height

Interchangeability H.S. rollers can be switched for S.S. rollers, and vice versa, and from one cut to another made possible through part exchange.

  • Boost Supervision is possible.
  • Simplified maintenance.
  • Easy and quick roller replacement.
  • Stringent stiffness requirements are met.
  • Conveyors without frames.
  • No Spill.
  • No formation of balls.

Positive Drive Grear Box has heavy-duty bearings, reinforced shafts, and gears for longer life and to drive heavy-duty propeller shafts.

PVC conveyor belt that is wider

Based on past experience, 42″ wider imported PVC non-sticky conveyor belts are offered since 40″ wide conveyor belts prevent the whole cutting area of 36″ wide rollers from being used and cause side spillage. Belts have a long lifespan and are hygienically secure.displaying the Esal CTC machine’s gearbox.


The side shields and winder conveyor belt were carefully built to effectively eliminate spillage.

Cooling System 

The quality of the alcohol is improved by a cooling fan that is provided from behind the rollers and has a pipe line connecting to each cut.

Improved de-jamming

  • The system prevents roller damage.
  • Instant reinstatement is required.
  • Succeeds in the same matching or meshing.
Sleeves for bearings

To guarantee that bearing damage is kept to a minimum, mandrel bearing journals are equipped with hardened and ground bearing sleeves.

Front Roller Removal

Special mechanism for removing rollers makes the process more practical and simple.

Boltless Roller Removal System

The pressure plate removal displace on during roller change is eliminated by the designed system.

Improved Clutch System

A quick and user-friendly clutch system was developed to quickly engage and disengage conveyor belt movement.Disengaging conveyor belt movement in a split second.

ModelJUMBO 13″ Esal 914 – 36″JUMBO 13″ Esal 1065- 42″9.1/2 & 8.1/2 Esal 914 – 36″9.1/2 & 8.1/2 Esal 1065 – 42″
Unit3 Cut4 Cut3 Cut4 Cut3 Cut4 Cut3 Cut4 Cut
Length (mm)895311063895311063895311063895311063
Width (mm)26802680268026802680268026802680
Height (mm)980980980980980980980980
Output W/L10001100 kg10001100kg800900kg8501050kg
Conveyor Belts (PVC Belts)
 Width mmLength mmWidth mmLength mmWidth mmLength mmWidth mmLength mm
Subsequent Cut10305000118050001030500011805000
Moving Cover10202450107024501020245010702450
Horse Power (Recommended)
Normal CTC Used with 8 / 10 TPI Roller
Normal Cut20-15-15-1525-20-20-2020-15-15-1520-20-20-20
hard Cut25-20-20-2030-25-25-2520-20-15-1525-20-20-20

Roller Sharpening Data

Roller DiameterTilt Angle
(in Degree)
Milling Cutter Angle
(in Degree)
HelicalChasing Profile
U & V
13″8 T.P.I.45.6656555 / 45
13″10 T.P.I.45.6656555 / 45
9.1/2″8 T.P.I.52656555 / 45
9.1/2″10 T.P.I.52656555 / 45
9.1/2″8 T.P.I.47707055 / 45
9.1/2″10 T.P.I.47707055 / 45
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