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Jumbo Fibre Extractor



Tea fibre extraction was carried out until the late 1960s, but it was a laborious process. With plastic pipe, experiments on the theory of static electricity began in the early 1970s. To elector-magnetize the PVC pipe, an extra gadget was offered. It was intended to function as slow-moving rollers.

Over time, these PVC pipe rollers with a larger diameter and extremely slow motion helped to remove more fibre from bulk teas. The trial was essentially successful, and the tea industry widely adopted the technology. Thus, it was given the name Fibre Extractor. ESAL One of the original manufacturers of Jumbo & Standard Fibre Extractors is Tea.

Jumbo Fibre Extractor



  • It does not rub or crush the teas, which is a benefit. As a result, the bloom is unaffected.
  • The teas don’t “GREY” from it.
  • The range of the operating lever for roller adjustments is extensive.
  • Rollers may be changed even whilst the machine is in operation.
  • A feed conveyor does not need a separate drive because one is already included with the machine.


The hopper is made of M.S. sheet and attached on the machine’s main frame with sufficient support brackets. Pre-sorters can be added to the hopper (OPTIONAL; additional cost). Under the feed hopper, a wooden frame with no. 6 wire mesh and a chute are connected. The frame isolates bulks, cakes, and undesirable particles while acting as a PRE-SORTER.


A Trinick Sorter without PVC Rollers that is fitted with the required Stainless Steel Wire mesh is also an option. If your requirement matches this specification, please specify.


  • Only the Main Big End housing needs to be greased every three months, and link chains need to be lubricated with oil.
  • The outside surface of PVC Rollers gets scratchy and typically fine-grooved after lengthy usage. It moves along pretty slowly. In such cases, the rollers should be mounted on a lathe, levelled, and then reused.
  • Felts indicated previously, require replacement when ripped, typically once every six months if the machine operates daily and full-time.

Technical Data


2.66 KW/2 H.P.


800 Kgs/hr for 36″ Fibre Extractor

Floor Area

2706 x 1200 MM


1330 MM.


250 for the tray & 19 of the PVC Rollers


36″ X 4 Rollers; 36″ x 6 Rollers;

JUMBO Fibre Extractor 54″ X 6 Rollers.



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