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Tea Dryer

A Tea dryer Machine that was first created for Williamson Magor’s own tea estates and is popularly known as Vibratory Fluid Bed Dryer (VFBD) has gained worldwide renown. In several countries that produce tea, there are more than 1600 installations. Esal Produces excellent quality Vibratory Fluid Bed Dryer for Tea industries. Its superiority to all fluid bed dryers on the market today has been proved during several years of fruitful field operations. The newly released VFBD PHASE-VI has a number of distinctive features and uses significantly less electricity. Tea leaves are traditionally dried using a two-step process that involves steaming first. In addition to being impacted by the weather, it is also simple to partially overdry anything. As a result, the dried product cannot guarantee the product’s shape and is vulnerable to insects during later storage.

Additionally, our microwave tea dryer can rapidly and effectively dry high-quality flowers and tea. The tea leaves are thoroughly dried during the procedure without losing their colour or degrading.


Tea Drier

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