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Leesh" Mini Boiler



Steam is quite helpful and is utilised for a variety of things across several industries. In the trial, it was found that steaming the rolling and fermenting rooms successfully kills germs for the purposes of the tea industry. The “Leesh” Mini Boiler was made by us.

Leesh Mini Boiler

The Key Features

Shaped cylinder with a top that has been DIE-pressed. Durability is provided by the anti-corrosion boiler paint that is applied to both sides. The boiler has safety valves, a pressure gauge, a water level indicator, a thermostat, a sprayer with a hose pipe, heavy-duty industrial electric heaters, and a control panel with a contractor connected to the thermostat for an automatic temperature-controlled cut-out for the heaters’ added safety.

Electric Heater

Heavy-duty industrial heaters with a 3 KW capacity are available. If necessary, a boiler that burns wood and gas is also accessible.


Simple, inexpensive maintenance is required. Only heater and nozzle cleaning should be done every two weeks. It is advised to repaint every 25 weeks to lengthen the equipment’s lifespan.

Technical Specification

Working Pressure

65 PSI


12 KW

Floor Area

750 mm x 750 mm

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