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Baby Boiler



Coal/Solid fuel burned steam boiler with a multi-pass flue tube and water back design, ideal for green tea factories, is manufactured and supplied.


ESAL (VCMAX – 200/SF) – Non – IBR


VNI – 200/SF

Evaporation Capacity

200 Kg/Hr. F & A 100 degree Celsius

Baby Boiler

Technical Data

Steam Condition


Operating Pressure

7 bar

Safety Valve set pressure

7.25 bar

Design pressure

16 bar

Hydraulictest Pressure

10 bar

Max Steam temperature

160  Degree Celsius plus

The manufacture and supply of vertically mounted, multi-pass flue tube water back coal/solid fuel fuelled steam boilers ideal for green tea factories falls under the category of boilers that are not IBRs.

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