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Pucca Tea Sorter



Pucca Tea Sorter is a traditional machine for grading and sorting tea. It produces a galloping motion that is unique among tea sorters. While moving across the screen, such motion prevents the tea from sloshing and turning grey.

Pucca Tea Sorter


The primary L H & R H pedestals are where the feed hopper is fixed. As a result, the bloom is preserved by the stored teas in the hopper not being ground. Through the use of a beater that is part of the tray assembly and a rubber diaphragm that forms the lower slop of the hopper, teas are given a slight vibration. The action helps ensure an unobstructed, equal flow of tea.


Each of the five trays is the same size and is composed of seasoned wood that has been fitted with premium stainless steel wire mesh. As a result, they are flexible.

Driving Balanced Drum

The machine uses barely 0.5 HP even if a 1 HP electric motor is provided to handle the initial torque because the balance drum positioned on the top plate is balanced in relation to the weight of the sifting tray.

Important Details

  • New, heavy-duty M.S.-fabricated/C.I. pedestals and top plates to provide the equipment a long lifespan.

Teas travel in a series of hops rather than shuffles, saving the bloom.

  • As previously mentioned, the feed hopper design ensures a uniform flow of ungraded teas. It is under good control.
  • Trays may be switched out quickly.
  • Quiet blocks keep the machine quiet for the duration of its life.
  • The amount of power used is minimal.
  • Trays with various mesh diameters are available as needed.
Technical Data


300 Approx.


1 HP Or 0.7 KW


1500 Kgs.


25 mm in hops

Floor Area

3230 mm x 1320 mm.


2100 MM.

Gross Wt.

1560 Kgs

Net Wt.

1240 Kgs.


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