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Prefabricated Withering Troughs



The withering process underwent a radical modification in the late 1970s. Forced Air technology took the place of natural wilting. One axial flow fan, ducting with an air control damper, and a long tunnel lined with wire mesh made up this apparatus. The whole thing was referred described as a Withering Trough.

Prefabricated Withering Troughs


Axial flow fans with a diameter of 36″ to 56″ are frequently used. based on the air delivery rate, expressed in CFM. The tunnel (trough) is constructed to the conventional length, which ranges from 60 to 100 feet.

Prefabricated “ESAL” Standard withering troughs have an axial fan enclosed in a steel casing, and the ducting is made of steel plates, however depending on the region where tea is grown, bricks and cement or wood and plywood are used to construct the trough. Galvanised iron sheets and mild steel angles were employed in this project. The entire trough is built at the workshop before being transported and assembled on site. In a few hours, each unit may be put together and ready to use.

Technical Data & Standard Sizes

  • 48″ Fan/7.5 H.P. 6′ x 90 RFT. trough
  • 48″ Fan/   5 H.P. 6′ x 80 RFT trough
  • 40″ Fan/   5 H.P. 6′ x 70 RFT trough
  • 36″ Fan/   3 H.P. 6′ x 60 RFT  trough

N.B : To create 12′ broad troughs with the desired length, two fans are used. There are also controlled troughs with constructed lids available. Tech Information



Floor Area

6′ x 100′ Max


3′ 9″ max. open trough



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