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Balance Green Leaf Sifter



At various stages of the tea-processing process, the Balance Green Leaf Sifter (Britania type), which has a distinctive design, is used to sift green leaves and rolled tea. The device is used for sorting undesirable particles, including iron scraps, after withering leaves, rolling or breaking balls, and cooling processed leaves.

Balance Green Leaf Shifter


The body of the sifter is made up of two substantial Cast Iron pedestals connected by a top plate. On a top plate is fixed a balanced drum pulley with an eccentric crankshaft. An attached hopper and a perforated stainless steel (304) tray are suspended on swing levers and connected by connecting rods to create the oscillating motion needed to operate the machine.


The Green Leaf Sifter’s tray is available with perforations that have holes with diameters of 12 mm, 10 mm, 8 mm, and 6.24 mm. When placing an order, the desired size can be specified; otherwise, a default perforation of 10 mm dia. is carried out.


The counterweight in the pulley is set up so that when the machine is running at full speed with tea leaves, it only needs a third of a horsepower (HP) of power. A 1-HP motor is only needed to overcome the machine’s initial beginning torque.


Each of the four houses has a complete enclosure. Therefore, if they are fitted properly with quality grease, they do not need lubrication throughout the entire year. Never grease or lube the quiet blocks that are built into the swing levers and small end housings. The cost of maintenance is therefore nothing.

Technical Data


1 HP or 1.3 KW

Floor Area

3200 mm x 1300 mm


1675 mm



Gross Wt.

1260 kg.

Net Wt.

875 kg.

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