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Tea Blending Machine



Any product that is to be sold successfully throughout the year in the market must be standardized. The taste, flavor, and liquor of teas cultivated in various locations of the tea-growing world vary greatly. It is frequently observed that even within a single tea garden, the quality of tea produced when picking from various regions varies greatly, making the variation in tea prices clear.

In order to develop and maintain a standard quality/level/cost-effectiveness throughout the year, numerous significant companies began to feel the necessity for tea blending machines and batch mixing machines at this time. Profits can be made or returns can be realized more effectively with good blending. In the past, blending was carried out manually on a huge scale. But The outcome was unsatisfactory because it was clear that the mixing quality was uneven. There was a strong desire for a mechanical tea blending drum. To accomplish this, “ESAL” created a blender capable of producing a PERFECT mix rapidly and in a very hygienic manner.

 Tea Blending Machine

Design specialty

A bucket elevator that can load 2000 kg of tea in about 40 minutes is used to charge the tea into the blending drums. A flawless batch of 2000 kg of tea may be blended in about 6 minutes. When samples are taken from the interior of the drum after blending from three distinct outlets, one discovers a homogeneous mixture. For high-quality tea blending, all contact surfaces and the interior of the drum are covered with food-grade white epoxy paint that is odorless and scratch-resistant. To fulfil the rising demand, stainless steel (304) blending drums are now offered in 250 kg/batch and 500 kg/batch models.

Technical Data


2000 Kgs / batch

1000 Kgs / batch

500 Kgs / batch

250 Kgs / batch


10 H.P / 1440 R.P.M. / 440 V

7.5 H.P / 1440 R.P.M. / 440 V

5 H.P / 1440 R.P.M. / 440 V

3 H.P / 1440 R.P.M. / 440 V


6 R.P.M.

6 R.P.M.

6 R.P.M.

6 R.P.M.

Floor Area

5 Meter x 4 Meter

3.625 x 2 Meter

3.3 x 1.9 Meter

3 x 1.55 Meter


4.575 Meter

2.6 Meter

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1.77 Meter

Gross Wt.

8 M/T (Approx.)

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Net Wt.

4 M/T (Approx.)

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