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Tea Packer



 Strong iron base-plate with a vibrating platform makes up the “ESAL” Vibro Tea  packer. It is also known as a Duplex Tea Packer since it can simultaneously charge two P.P. tea bags.

Another type (2) that is specifically made for packing Multi wall paper sacks has been introduced. The final dimensions of the packed paper sacks have been taken into account when designing a sturdy sack holding box. This innovative design reduces the amount of manual labour required to pack/compact tea according to pallet sizes as it is being filled. There is a simple mounting and unloading arrangement.

Additionally, the feed hopper depicted in Model 2 is advised but optional. It is made from aluminium sheet and suspended from two sturdy columns.

The chests/sacks benefit from a consistent and even supply of tea. The hopper’s consistent and equal flow allows every tea particle to settle without leaving any empty space. Thus, each sack contains more tea. It reduces the cost of packaging and eliminates the negative effects of air percolation.

Tea Packer


The eccentric shaft mounted on a ball bearing imparts a high speed oscillating motion to the packing platform, creating a vibrating motion that aids in the tea’s ability to settle without leaving any voids. Consequently, the sack is packed evenly.


To keep the flow of tea in line with grades, only one modification at the feed hopper’s discharge mouth is necessary.


Except for over-hauling in the cold weather, no maintenance is required. Eliminates lubrication and protects the floor from oil risks.


Only “ESAL” provides tailored packing options. Whether it be for packing multi-wall paper sacks, P.P. bags, or jute bags.

Technical Data


2 HP/1.5 KW


600 – 800

Floor Area

1800 mm x 1760mm



Gross Wt.

636 Kgs.

Net Wt.

530 Kgs.

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